Block 4 Activity 25: Evaluation frameworks (1)

Comparison of Example 4 and 5 from Cooper (2012), A framework of characteristics for analytics

Example 4 Research Librarianship Social Network Analysis Example 5        SNAPP Social Network Adapting Pedagogical Practice.
Analysis, Data Origin and Orientation Analysis subject

Analysis Client

Analysis Object

Journals, articles, authors


not clearly defined

Learners and teachers



Data Origin Thomas Reuters Social Sciences Citation Index.

Subscription Service.

Private from LMS

Raw Data

Processing at teacher level

Orientation Descriptive Diagnostic
Objectives Not clear – deeper insights into discipline of research librarianship Performance
Technical Approach Descriptive approach to Social Network Analysis is used Descriptive approach to Social Network Analysis – strong bias toward visualisation.
Embedded theories and reality Theories of social communication and community development Supports socio-constructivist practice
Comment Research question posed and conclusions drawn are informative rather than being action-oriented. SNAPP stronger example of analytics.  Intention towards actionable insights is different.  But guard against SNAPP being used as the single lens on the effect of changing learning activity design.

This paper provided a general framework for a starting point for using learning analytics.  Provided some examples of analytic tools and their use.

SAS – Statistical Analytics Software – student retention analysis

IBM programmes used in example 2 and 3 – attendance and Green ICT at Defra

Example 4 used statistical data from Thomas Reuters Social Sciences Citation Index which is a subscription service – Research librarianship social network analysis

SNAPP – Social Network Adapting Pedagogical Practice – visualisations of user interaction before and after interventions.


Cooper, A. (2012) ‘A framework of characteristics for analytics’, CETIS Analytics Series, vol. 1 no. 7, Bolton, JISC CETIS; also available online at (accessed on 31 July 2016).


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