Block 4 Activity 22: Developing a Vision of Learning Analytics

vision-clipart-cliparti1_vision-clipart_03This activity returned to Dyckhoff et al. (2013), Supporting action research with learning analytics, in particular looking at table 4 which listed the authors goals for learning analytics in relation to educators and students.

Goals and visions are not the same.  For this activity I have to combine or develop goals from table 4 of this paper and construct a vision of what learning analytics could be at my school.

Our learning analytics will provide teachers and students with information about student activity and performance.  Learning analytics will support student learning behaviour and performance and develop active, motivated learners who are determined to succeed.

Reflecting on this vision statement I would note that this statement relates to both teachers and students (educator and learner).  If this was to inspire a manager’s vision I feel that it would need to reflect a vision that would support closing the attainment gap across the establishment.


Dyckhoff, A.L., Lukarov, V., Muslim, A., Chatti, M.A. and Schroeder, U. (2013) ‘Supporting action research with learning analytics’ in Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK13), New York, ACM, pp. 220-29; also available online at (accessed 30 July 2016).


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