Block 4 Activity 21: Policy Evaluation

This activity returns to the OU’s Policy on the ethical use of student data for learning analytics to look at the word count and consider the length of time it would take to read it and the presentation.

Slade and Prinsloo (2014) article informed the development of the OU policy. After reading this paper note the issues reported as raised by students and which are most important.

These are the points I picked out:

  • Concerns over data being passed on to 3rd parties.
  • Consideration of informed consent and/or opt out with a right to refuse without compromising study.
  • Students resented being asked continually to update their student profile.
  • Some felt data collected was intrusive and unnecessary.
  • More could be done to make it clear what data is being collected, how it is collected, from and the uses for which it is being collected. And…who will use it.

Return to activity 20 and make any amendments necessary.  I am not sure if students would read my summary as it was written for a colleague at school.  In view of the policy I believe there would need to be a draft policy for the different stakeholder groups before a final glossy version could be produced.


Open University’s Policy on ethical use of student data for learning analytics available online at

Slade, S. and Prinsloo, P.(2014), ‘Students perspective on theuse of their data: between intrusion, surveillance and care’, in Challenges for Research into Open & Distance Learning: Doing Things Better – Doing Better Things, European Distance and E-Learning Network, 8th research workshop, Oxford, 27-28 October, pp. 291-300: also available online at (accessed on 27 July 2016).



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