Block 4 Activity 9: Relating learning analytics to the concerns of educators

The focus for activity 9 is Dyckhoff et al.(2013), Supporting action research with learning analytics. In particular the information provided in Table 1 and Table 4 of the paper.

I have created a table which shows how I understand the questions can be considered in relation to being data or pedagogy driven.  Some were tricky – and I have considered some as data driven but to support future pedagogy.

Data Driven Pedagogy Driven
·         When and how long are student accessing specific learning offerings (during a day)?

·         How often do students use a learning environment (per week)?

·         Are there specific learning offerings that are NOT used at all?

·         By which properties can students be grouped?

·         Are students using specific learning materials (eg lecture recordings) in addition or alternatively to attendance?

·         How many (%) learning modules are students viewing?

·         Is the performance in e-tests somehow related to exam grades?

·         How do students like/rate/value specific learning offerings?

·         How difficult/easy is it to use the learning offering?

·         Why do students appreciate the learning offering?

·         Do native speakers have fewer problems with learning offerings than non-native speakers?

·         How is the acceptance of specific learning offerings differing according to user properties (eg previous knowledge)?

·         Will the access of specific learning offerings increase if lectures and exercises on the same topic are scheduled during the same week?

·         Which didactical activities facilitate continuous learning? (pedagogical and data)

·         How do learning offerings have to be provided and combined to with support to increase usage?

·         How do those low achieving students profit by continuous learning with e-test compared to those who have not yet used the e-test?




Dyckhoff, A.L., Lukarov, V., Muslim, A., Chatti, M.A. and Schroeder, U. (2013) ‘Supporting action research with learning analytics’ in Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK13), New York, ACM, pp. 220–29; also available online at citation.cfm?id=2460340 (accessed 11 July 2016).


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