Block 4 Activity 6: Learning Analytics Sources

Three people within my context have been identified who may need to know more about learning analytics in the near future – Business Manager, Head Teacher and Teacher.

Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR)

These are the areas of the website that I considered:

About – accessed by all

Journal – provides access to journals of learning analytics and would be helpful to inform Business Manager, Head Teacher and Teacher.  Journals provide information relevant to each person at their stage within education.

Info hub – would provide information for all three people.

Initiatives – for Business Manager who could consider and consult with their line managers then cascade information down line to Head Teachers.

Events – past and future information would benefit Business Manager.


Learning Analytics Community Exchange  (LACE)

About – Good introduction to site so should be read by all.

Community – Business Manager to cascade to Head Teachers – links to the wider community of learning analytics.

Sectors – Schools (all) and workplace (Business Manager and Head Teacher).

Publications – all (access dependent upon area of interest/research)

Outcomes – evidence hub (Business Manager &  Head Teacher); evaluation (Business Manager); data interoperability (Business Manager); ethics & privacy studies (all) and voices (all).

Events – past and future events information – some are held in Scotland and accessible (Business Manager and Head Teacher).

* This website has good links on right hand side of pages which provide links which I believe would be used more by teachers, for example slideshare presentations, videos, evidence hub, FAQs and Newsletters.


International Educational Data Mining Society (IEDMS)

Home – all

JEDM (journals) – Business Manager & Head Teacher.  Would also provide a source for teacher research.

Proceedings (conference) – Business Manager

Resources (for sharing and supporting EDM) – Business Manager

Related Organisations – Business Manager and Head Teacher

Mailing List – all







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