Block 2 Activities 15 & 16 Personal Learning Networks

My definition of a Personal Learning Network (PLN):

A PLN is an informal collaborative and connected learning network which supports  ongoing personal growth and development around topics of shared interests.

My visual representation of my PLN:



Is a PLN truly innovative or just a rebadging of existing practice?

I believe that considering a PLN is an important aspect of professional development.  It allows you to focus in on what tools you are using to support your informal and everyday learning.  Without identifying your PLN you would be working as an individual and loose out on the social interaction needed by many to develop their creative and innovative learning environment.

I don’t think that PLNs are new, however I do think that PLNs can be used innovatively to support new and creative learning opportunities through sharing and learning with others.

New technology, such as social media has opened up networks and moved them from the near to include voices from afar.  Opportunities for sharing with and learning from others in this respect could be priceless especially if you are considering research and/or curricular development.

The use of new technology to support and/or create a PLN would need to be introduced within my establishment through selling the benefits and linking it to annual Professional Development Review meetings and linking with our School Improvement Plan.


I wonder…how a personal learning environment impacts on a PLN with respect to school, home, cultural and ethical beliefs … time to dig deeper into educational theories and look at how knowledge is derived.

Found this in the Weller (2011) A pedagogy of abundance article.  I must have come across this before on E891.

Jonassen (1991) describes it thus: “Constructivism… claims that reality is constructed by the knower based upon mental activity. Humans are perceivers and interpreters who construct their own reality through engaging in those mental activities… What the mind produces are mental models that explain to the knower what he or she has perceived…. We all conceive of the external reality somewhat differently, based on our unique set of experiences with the world and our beliefs about them.”

I need to find a better visual representation tool – finding this one a bit plain.  Any ideas?






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