Block 2 Activity 9: Chosing a licence

creative commons










For my blog content and other materials that I produce I would



I feel that any work I do can be shared and adapted to suit the needs of the user.  I would be unhappy if someone took my resource, adapted it and then took the credit for it – especially if it was subsequently sold on to make a profit.  If I found out that someone had taken my materials and used them for monetary gain, I would feel less likely to continue with sharing or make my creative commons setting such as no-derivatives. This then takes away the openness of OER and could result in others, who could potentially open up doors to sharing research materials, deciding against joining the OER movement and remaining with more recognisable sources and publishing work through journals.


Geffrotin, Y. (2007) Creative Commons: Spectrum of Rights [online], slidecast. Available at (last accessed 5 April 2016).

Moller, E. (2005) The Case for Free Use: Reasons Not to Use a Creative Commons – NC Licence [online]. Available at (last accessed on 6 April 2016).



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