Activity 5: The Case for Learning Objects

Downes, S. (2001) Learning objects: resources for distance education worldwide.learning object

Downs (2001) identified 3 areas

  1. identified the need for learning objects and described their essential components based on this need.
  2. Need to draw on concepts of development in computer science and describe learning objects from a theoretical perspective and
  3. described learning objects in practice – as they are created or generated by content authors and as they are displayed or used by students and other client groups.

There is a need to have mechanisms to connect online learning resources with detailed course objectives.  There is a need to reduce costs. There is a need to use and reuse objects. We need to avoid creating new resources from scratch when old resources still fit the needs of the online learning.

There is a tension between those who create the knowledge, and those who guard their monopoly over its propagation and distribution, and those who must consume that knowledge to get a job, to build a life and to partake in society.

This last paragraph statement is similar to that within the Cormier (2013) article in which he discusses creators and users and how the creators are controlling the amount of and how the creators of knowledge share their objects.

I found this paper a difficult read as I felt it was superseded by todays technology and pedagogical practice.  I did find aspects of technology that I had not come across before and the article provided me with detail, such as an explanation of  XML. learning objects 2




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