Activity 6 – Innovation in my context

Do you sense that your innovations (as supporters of learning) have been valued, encouraged, supported?

 I feel that my innovative approaches are valued, encouraged and supported within the school that I work.  I share practice with others within my school and across our learning community schools and the local authority. I currently support learning for children and colleagues for a coding club which runs after school.  This work has been highlighted and commented upon by the Education Service’s Head of Service.  I have been given an opportunity, through my innovative approaches to using digital technologies across the curriculum to support learning, to carry out research based upon openness and e-learning and how this may change current practice in primary school.  

I believe that innovation is encouraged within my organisation however we can be constrained by technology, budgets and regulations.  Our Curriculum for Excellence highlights the need for creativity and innovation within our teaching and learning practice and that our children and young people should be provided with opportunities to develop creativity and innovation.  These skills are essential to help develop our future workforce.

As a school we are required to self-evaluate using a document called How Good is Our School.  Within the framework of this document the school’s performance is graded based on exemplars of excellent practice.  We work towards meeting these standards as we plan and develop our curriculum continuum, monitor and evaluate practice.  Implications from this highlight the need for all staff to work together to develop our own and the school’s capacity and this often identifies areas within our own knowledge where further professional development is needed. For me this is not an issue as I enjoy the challenge that this brings, however finding time to do this effectively to the high quality standard which I expect from myself is sometimes a huge problem.


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